I started writing this sci-fi novel on June 15th, 2014. This is the next part of a series of novels that includes “Where Gravity Sleeps” and “The Space Between”.

This is the initial version, which means I will edit it again after the whole story is written. It probably contains the occasional typo as well. I have outlined the story and I know where it is going and how the pieces fit together into a whole. But there is a lot I don’t yet know about it. I give these characters their own personalities and try to be faithful to them as they make their way through the story. I don’t yet know in advance what they will do or what they will say. I only know who they are and what matters to them. So I am sometimes surprised to find out what they do.

I believe that practically all people have an arc to their life where they learn and grow and change. It just isn’t on someone else’s schedule. These characters are the same: changing, learning, growing. I don’t believe people are intrinsically good or bad, just following their arc and pursuing what they think is in their best interests.