Howard Cohen

I have begun a new company called " Timefold". I have been focusing on providing training seminars and strategic consulting services.

I've also been learning a lot about the internet lately, HTML, forms and and cgi tools.

Feel free to take a Virtual Business Card.

I've assembled an excellent computing environment based on a Macintosh Powerbook 540c and various devices. I have finally realized my dream of beachside programming! With my powerbook and my cellular phone, I can work almost anywhere without losing touch with my clients and friends. This is cool

I also have a Sun Sparc2 called stroid which I use for writing software and for access to the internet.

I am an avid in-line skater, and always participate in the Friday Night Skate, also known as the Midnight Rollers. I also skate in Golden Gate Park on Sundays, and recently I've been meeting with a group of people every Sunday to skate down to and around Lake Merced. Its becoming a regular event and everyone is welcome to join. You can download a map and information if you want to join in.

In April 1996 I created the sfskaters mailing list and began its FAQ archive.

On March 30, 1996, I skated in the Napa to Calistoga race, completing the 27.4 mile course in 1:48:58 (for an average of just over 15 mph). To be fair, I drafted people most of the way.

I participated in the 100 mile Bridge to Boardwalk Roll on 7/22/95, and completed about 90 miles of skating. I made it to Davenport from the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. I attempted the course again in the 1996 Bridge to Boardwalk Roll. You can read about my experience.

I now skate in a pair of Bont Hustler boots with low profile Mogema frames. These fit really well, are lighter and provide a bit more support than my K2 Extreme Speed boots did.

I'm also an avid snowboarder. I like Squaw and Northstar. I have a Burton Twin 53 snowboard and I bought some Burton Atlas boots. I am a member of a ski-cabin in Truckee so I have a place to stay all season.

When I get time I also work with wood. I have a well equipped shop with mostly Delta equipment. One of these years I'll buy a lathe, which has been a lifelong dream for me. Check out my woodworking page

My most woodworking project was more carpentry than woodworking, but lets not mince words when we can mix metaphors instead. :-)
I built a workspace for my home office.

Last Updated: 7/15/96
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