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  • Testimonials
    Find out what people are saying about the Learn ClearCase course.

  • About Timefold
    Timefold is a business started by Howard Cohen in 1995 which provides ClearCase Training and Consulting Services.

  • Corporate Services
    Timefold offers special deals to companies who buy 3 or more licenses.
  • About Howard Cohen
    You can learn about Howard's extensive ClearCase and software engineering experience.

  • About ClearCase
    Not really sure what ClearCase is? Here's a useful Q & A about what it is and what it does for a software company.

  • Terms of Use
    This is our agreed upon terms of use for access to any Timefold Online Education Services course. Please read this before you buy your training license(s).

  • Try a Free Sample
    You may examine one of the pages from the Learn ClearCase course free of charge or obligation. First we'll ask you a few questions and then you'll see the example page.

  • Send us Feedback
    Tell us about yourself and your experience with the Timefold Web Site.

  • The Future
    Find out about the exciting course and web site upgrades coming soon. You can also read about the upcoming Company Policy Links feature.

  • Contact Timefold
    How to reach us.

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