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Transmission is a popular Bittorrent client that runs on OS X. You can get it here:

  1. Quit transmission

  2. Copy the download files and folders to the new location (e.g. to an external drive)

  3. Edit '/Users/yourname/library/Application Support/Transmission/Transfers.plist' by double-clicking it. It will summon the 'Property List Editor'
    Apparently the 'Property List Editor' application only comes with the development environment (called XCode). You can get this on your Leopard installation DVD or you can download it from Apple's web site:

  4. Click the arrow by 'Root'

  5. Click each of the arrows that show up and edit the value of 'DownloadFolder' so that it is the path to the folder where you have copied the existing downloads -- the folder that contains your downloads, not the download itself

  6. When you are done editing all the 'DownloadFolder' attributes, then save from the File Menu and quit.

  7. Start up Transmission again. It should pick up right where it left off.

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