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Camp Nosefish's 2006 Burning Man adventure was arguably the best ever!

In addition to our the exhibits and activities we had planned (MEZ Screen, hanging puzzle, FSM, Pirate adventures, visual hope dome and voting for hopes) we also had several additional projects which were developed by camp members, including:

  • X marks the spot (by Greg Whitehead)
  • Homeland Security Checkpoint (by Chris Pirazzi)
  • Top Ten lists (by Chris Pirazzi)
  • 3:00 plaza tour (organized by Howard)
We also had several new camp members who were visiting Burning Man for the first time, including Hoofar, John & Toni, Beth, Lonnie and Deb. Everyone was super helpful and our camp had no drama this year. The shower worked well (although it needed to be caulked to keep it from leaking, and the 1/2" exit pipe tended to get clogged with playa mud occasionally). Our kitchen worked well. The shade cover was set up in the best configuration ever, easily clearing even Greg's head.


Ellyn did a fabulous job as our LNT guru and our camp was in good shape throughout the event. We kept our recyclable separate from non-recyclables. We gave our aluminum cans to recycle camp. When the Rangers told us to expect big winds beginning sometime Tuesday or Wednesday, we secured our camp, placing all loose items inside of covered domes or under secured tarps. As far as we know we didn't lose anything. We did, however, pick up lots of moop that blew into our camp during the dust storms in the days that followed.

Our camp was visited by a few trespissers, who left their pee-spots between cars and by our shower. These are invariably drunk people who have lost any sense that peeing in someone's camp is wrong. We actually caught two drunk guys getting ready to pee in our camp. Their speach slurred by too much alcohol, they mumbled something about not being able to find a bathroom.

Our low-impact shower worked pretty well, but it needed to be caulked to prevent leaking. This was done on-playa. It would have benefitted from a larger exit pipe, but it worked well enough. All-in-all, showering was not a problem in our camp. Everyone was able to shower on Saturday when the camp was broken down. The shower itself took only a few minutes to break down, so we were able to put off breaking it down until the last minute.

We were on the LNT Tour again this year, and we applied for Camp of the Day again this year. The LNT folks liked our shower web page ( http://www.timefold.com/shower) and our commitment to LNT. In fact, several nosefish showers were present at Burning Man this year. Our neighbors (Luna Sanctuary) built one, as well as several other camps. Franziska and Howard visited a camp near Center Camp which had made one and loved theirs. We had no idea until they told us about their cool new shower.

Visual Hope Dome

The visual hope dome had our hanging "ball-in-maze" puzzle, the visual voting project, the top-10 lists, a placard about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and a "What would a pirate do?" spinner with a map to "X Marks the Spot" on the back.

The puzzle was popular again this year, and survived pretty well. Although, I don't think we'll bring it back next year.

The foam floor didn't do as well this year as last year. Our camp will probably not bring it back next year. We'll just cover our big dome floor with plastic tarps (to catch moop and minimize dust inside the dome).

The top-ten lists are presented below.

The visual voting results are still be tabulated by our scientific staff. Stand by for results...

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Our Flying Spaghetti Monster project visited the playa this year to the delight of His followers. He spent a lot of time between the MEZ screen and the Visual Hope Dome, and lots of people took his photo and got touched by his noodly appendage. A couple of nights he went out onto the playa and people tried out his magnetic control panel and his eye controls. He developed an intermittant short in his coolneon controls toward the end of Burning Man, but I discovered a swift smack on the control panel would usually clear the short. On Saturday, an excentric fellow named "Eddie Spaghetti" came by out camp with dry pasta, two jars of Pasta Primavera sauce, and some magnetic smiley faces for all the members of our camp. Then he read us a short piece he'd written, as thanks for our having brought our FSM project to the playa. he was dressed as a pirate, naturally.

The MEZ Video Screen

The MEZ Video Screen was back and as popular as ever. Many people tell us it is one of their favorite pieces, and they always search for it each year. Chris added some new pixels this year, including the FSM and the pirate fish skeleton. Unlike previous years, the music was driven from an iPod, instead of an mp3 CD player, and we used a small Nady powered speaker instead of a stereo amplifier and separate speakers.

Pirate Culture

Almost everyone in camp dressed up as a pirate for the 3:00 plaza tour, and again when we visited a nearby bar for a pirate cocktail hour party. We had a lot of fun talking like a pirate, singing sea chanties (well, the chorus at least -- someone else knew the rest of the songs), and telling pirate jokes.
  • I'm writing my biography. I call it: Aye.
  • How much does pirate corn cost? Buck-an-ear.
  • Arrrrrrr we having fun yet?
  • I'm going back to the Barrrrrrrrr

X Marks the Spot

Greg's X Marks the Spot art installation was a flat door approximately 2 feet square, hinged into a slightly larger frame. It was placed at 4700' from the man at 12:30, out in the open playa. It was nearly flush with the surface of the playa. When one lifted the door one found a lunchbox-sized treasure chest. Greg placed a few items in there and participants were encouraged to take something and leave something. There was also a small voice recorder which would record one message. Each person would listen to the last person's message and then record their own. There was also a log book, and participants were encouraged via a sign to add something to the book. Greg placed a treasure map in the visual hope dome with small iconic pictures of the man and the belgian waffle as references. Judging by the number of log entries and the turnover of items in the treasure chest, many people found and enjoyed the "X Marks the Spot" art installation. It was an official installation, registered and placed by the Burning Man Artery.

Homeland Security Checkpoint

One of the most enjoyable surprises at Burning Man 2006 for our camp was Chris Pirazzi's Homeland Security Checkpoint. Chris brought foamcore signs with official looking text to identify the checkpoint. He also brought police hats, badges, white shirts and black pants. Howard fabricated some billy clubs on the playa. Tom, Ellyn, Franziska, Howard and James all dressed the part of homeland security officers and we set up the checkpoint at the mouth of the plaza, facing away from the playa. We stopped some people trying to enter the plaza and waved others through.

Among the props was a "Homeland Security Terror Threat Level" chart with the following five levels:

Approval Rating Critically Low
Create Immediate Distraction
Axe Items from Bill of Rights
Detain Token Muslim Suspects
Announce Vague Bomb Threat
From Everyday Household Item
Enthrall Public with Zealous
Rhetoric About Freedom-Haters
Maintain Paranoia Through
Patriotic Calss for Vigilance

It was an instant hit, and people swarmed around to photograph our improvisation. Here's a sample:

  • "Excuse me sir, do you have a package?" (baton pointed toward his groin)
  • "Hey, no photos!" baton pointed toward someone taking pictures
  • Various people were carrying swords or other weapons. We motioned them through with no questions asked.
  • Anyone of non-anglo-saxon descent was ushered through, no questions asked, and offered weapons. (Give this man a weapon).
  • A few people we interacted with were brought over for "inspection." Chris had prepared a fake metal detector wand with a button that activated a loud buzzer. We would "wand" someone by passing the unit over their arms and legs, etc. Then, when it was over their groin or breasts we would push the button and shout something about carrying concealed weapons. Then, one of a few different things would happen:
    • One of the officers would shout right in their face: "Why do you hate freedom?!?"
    • A chemical test was applied to their body, which consisted of whipped cream, lovingly licked off by one of the female officers.
    • A body cavity search was threatened. Chris had prepared an instructional sign with two steps: 1) remove trousers, 2) back up slowly. He had also prepared a plastic casting of a hand with the forefinger extended. The hand was on the end of a 4' length of rebar. We held this behind the participant.
  • At one point, a 20' tall trojan horse art car rolled up to the checkpoint. Howard said "Well, there can't be anything in there, let it through."
  • At one point, a Washoe county sheriff parked by our checkpoint and got out. We were concerned. But, it turned out she only wanted to take a photo of us doing our thing. Howard introduced the team as "Bob, Bob, Roberta, and I'm Bob." When she raised her camera, we shouted "Hey, no photos!" She put it down briefly, then got the joke and put it back up and took the photo.
  • At one point BLM rangers drove past in an official vehicle. We all saluted them, and they smiled back at us.
  • More than once someone bolted through the checkpoint and we chased them for a while, shouting "runner!"
  • One person told us that their friend thought we were real, and had quickly turned around and left the plaza.
  • At one point a guy was standing nearby laughing his ass off. He told us he was a contractor for the real Homeland Security office.
  • As people would walk or ride toward our checkpoint, we'd ask them if they were carrying any liquids, and remind them that ice was a liquid according to the US Government.
  • Most people were waved through with statements like "Nothing to see here. Vote republican. Move along."
  • Some people were asked "Do you feel safer because we're here?"
  • Some people were asked if they'd seen anything "unusual." We saved this question for the most freakishly dressed people. They almost always answered "No."

Top Ten Lists

Chris' Top 10 list installation was inside the visual hope dome. It was a whiteboard on which he would occasionally place one or two questions with numbers. Participants would provide answers. Chris occasionally polled our camp for ideas for questions. Below are the results:
  • Top 10 camps you'd rather not visit
    1. Pirates and Pilates
    2. Alcoholics Anonymous 20 steps to stay sober
    3. Coffee Enema Camp
    4. Coffee Enema Camp
    5. Throw your feces back at the monkeys Camp
    6. Never Stop Learning
    7. Lay in my Pee Camp
    8. Rash Camp
    9. Dust Bath Camp
    10. Hedge Trimmer Bush Cut Camp
    11. Yeast or Bacterial Vaginosis Camp
    12. Your Turn to do the Dishes Camp

  • Top 10 replacement names for "Intelligent Design"
    1. Christianity with Numbers
    2. Hopes & Fears
    3. "The Real" way
    4. Sweat & Tears spread AIDS
    5. Biological "Truth"
    6. Tu Mama
    7. The A.E. Method(ology)
    8. "No more flu shots" Method
    9. "I don't believe in using my brain"
    10. "I can't hear you" science
    11. Big guy in the sky made my pie
    12. Don't worry so much whether it's right

  • Top 10 worst places to find playa dust
    1. Your girlfriend's underpants
    2. Inner ear
    3. Prepucio
    4. Memory
    5. In *my* underwear
    6. Blocking my ability to pee
    7. In my Smegma
    8. In my goggles
    9. In my camera
    10. In my Yalmulke

  • Top 10 Alternate Hopes for the Future
    1. I hope this rash doesn't mean what I think it means
    2. I hope for a healthy community for all beings
    3. Eco-worlds
    4. Love, learn, let go, accept and be -- because it all does at once
    5. No republican party
    6. That tomorrow is as good or better than today
    7. Multiple orgasms should be for everybody
    8. All Burning Man all the time
    9. No new taxes
    10. I hope you never look at me in that tone of moustache again!
    11. Republican Senetors' Happy Camp

  • Top 10 schwag items I received at Burning Man
    1. Pizza from the Pizza Sluts
    2. Bandanna from the post office when I mailed my letter saying I forgot my bandanna
    3. Your Moop. You pooped it 10 feet back.
    4. The clap
    5. Plan B
    6. This guy's girlfriend
    7. Lunch and Champagne
    8. Last year's big fat pussy cap
    9. A week that resonates for the next 360 days
    10. Home spun, dyed, woven cloth with )'( in it. Thanks Bavarian Guy!
    11. A breath of dust
    12. Ice cream -- really good stuff too: Cherry Garcia, NY Fudge, etc.
    13. Clown nose

  • Top 10 reasons to ditch the playa now
    1. You can die here -- someone already did
    2. No laundry service
    3. 'feening for a Grande Mocha Frappucino
    4. Hurricane Ernesto downgraded to a tropical storm
    5. Spontaneous erection from George W
    6. B*o*o*o*oring
    7. Need to study for CIA test
    8. All the cool folks here left already
    9. Storm
    10. Dust

  • Top 10 strangest moments at Burning Man
    1. The "I am the embodiment of Kundalini" girl
    2. That fucking enormous tornado
    3. Too numerous to count
    4. The NSA flying overhead with cameras
    5. Having dinner with my wife, two topless women, and a nude dude
    6. Coasting at 20mph in a whiteout storm
    7. Detention camp for 2 hours Sunday

  • Top 10 common misconceptions about Burning Man
    1. It's hard to sneak in
    2. Everyone Here
    3. It's about sex and drugs
    4. You have to be an extrovert
    5. It's *not* about sex and drugs
    6. Rangers are paramilitaristic
    7. It's safe
    8. People that go are all freaks. Oh wait, that's true.
    9. It's a drug fueled orgy (at 5:00 and Fate)
    10. Larry has your best interests at heart.

  • Top 10 worst playa pick-up lines
    1. Hi, I'm Larry Harvey, wanna f***?
    2. Do you come to this two-story, neon pirate ship often?
    3. You've got great energy!
    4. Is your name "Muffin?"
    5. Hey, I'm with the man
    6. Wanna share my shower?
    7. Cum here often?
    8. Do you work at Walmart?
    9. My art project is a Burning Man love child. Wanna help?
    10. Wanna see my playa etchings?

  • Top 10 new policies that Burning Man should institute
    1. A pantzooka on every bicycle
    2. No new policies
    3. The customer is always right
    4. Better mannered gate staff
    5. Worse mannered gate staff
    6. Early arrival is two days before the burn
    7. Porta-potty approved tampons
    8. Elimination of all policies
    9. No Yahoos
    10. Gas scooters must qualify as art cars

  • Top 10 toys that don't work on the playa
    1. Vacuum cleaner
    2. Dust Buster
    3. Non-water vibrators
    4. Nintendo
    5. Cellphones

3:00 Plaza Tour

Howard and Franziska had the brainstorm that all the plaza camps should get together Monday evening and have a tour of each other's camps. We met at 6pm Monday at Bad Idea Theatre and toured, in order, Fusion Valley, the Berlin Ranger Station, Espresso Camp, Hokey Pokey Camp, Nosefish, Luna Sanctuary, Cave of the Echo People, Bubble Bar, Panty Camp, Borrachos Y Bicicletas, and Kathanika. It was a lot of fun, and about 30 people from all the camps took the tour. If Nosefish is placed within the 3:00 plaza again next year, we'll definitely propose another tour.

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