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Congratulations! You did it!

If you followed the instructions on the previous pages, you now have a fish hat ready to put on your head.

This page will help you get comfortable with your fish hat, and avoid some common problems associated with fish hats.

  1. The finished fish hat, from the side
    This is a normal way to wear a fish hat. This lets your fish see where you are going when you are walking around.

  2. The finished fish hat, from the front
    Again, this is the normal way to wear a fish hat, as seen from the front.

  3. Useful position for driving your car with a fish hat
    Fish hats love to go for a ride in the car! Wear them sideways like this when you're in the car so their tails don't get crushed on the head-rest (if your car has a head rest). If you are the driver, point your fish to your left. If you are a passenger, point your fish to the right. Then the fish hats can look out the window and greet people in other cars and on the street.

  4. Wrong way to wear a fish hat
    You wouldn't let your parrot sit on your hear backwards for the same reason you wouldn't let your fish hat ride backwards. See, sometimes you're too far from the next bathroom and fish, well, they aren't the most vocal of beasts. Your only warning may be a slow trickle down the left or right side of your nose. Don't risk it! Better it should drip down your back than your face! You have been warned.

  5. This whale hat is Killer!
    Yes, whales are marine mammals -- they aren't fish. But, they do make nice hats.

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