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  1. Start with a raw fish.
    You can sometimes find stuffed animal fish in a second hand store.

  2. Proper fish size
    The fish needs to be large enough so that when you make a hole in its belly large enough for your head, that it still looks like a fish. It should be at least 18" long, and 24" is better.

  3. Useful Surgical Tools
    A small scissors is all you really need, but a seam splitter is an inexpensive and very useful tool. Be careful not to show these tools to the fish until after surgery.

  4. Useful Sewing Tools
    Even if you use a sewing machine for some of the construction, you'll need a needle and thread for some parts of the process. Again, don't show these to the fish before surgery.
  5. Select a Tee Shirt.
    If you want the pattern to show, turn the tee shirt inside out before proceeding.

  6. Blindfold the fish
    The procedure on the next page will scare your fish. It is best to blindfold the fish before proceeding. If your fish is reading this web site with you, blindfold the fish before going to the next page.

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