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Nose Fish presents the Un Hammer, where Burners are treated to coffee and cookies every morning. Got Hammered? Let us help you get Un Hammered!

The Un Hammer coffee shop is built in a 2v "optimal" dome, which means it is 16' in diameter and 8' tall. Inside the floor will be lined with tarps, and we'll have our hand washing station and other materials stored securely. On top will be a small deck for sipping morning brew while looking out over our spontaneous metropolis. The Deck is covered by a small 1v dome which supports a shade cover. The deck will be limited to two people and 500lbs (for safety).

We'll decorate the Un Hammer coffee shop with retro/vintage coffee signs. Here's our coffee menu:

Here's some of the fun coffee-related signs we'll be posting near the Un Hammer Coffee Shop:

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