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This is how Nose Fish is laid out, designed around the shape of a center camp or plaza slice.

Nose Fish Camp Features

  • Quesadilla / EL Wire Repair Dome: 14' diameter', 8' tall
  • MEZ Video Screen and Projector Isolation Van
  • Family Dome: 16' diameter, 7'tall
  • Kitchen Dome: 12' diameter, 10'tall
  • Camp Lounge Dome: 12' diameter, 10'tall
  • Bike Parking Area 15' x 25'
  • Tents
  • Zero-impact shower (5' x 7')
  • Hoco and FranCo's Van
  • Greg and Beth's Van
  • Five Cars (less if we can make that work)

Click here for our LNT Plan.

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