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In 1999 a school of Kenny Schwartz's Playa Fish made their first big splash at Burning Man. At the very least they were ahead of their time. The theme for Burning Man 2002 is The Floating World. This year the playafish will join a sea of glowing creatures like no other on this planet.

This year I've made l0l (a name, not a number -- rhymes with Paul, but there's a zero in the middle.) He's an electrically controlled coolneon sea anemone. He has 144 separate coolneon segments.

Photo by Cameragirl

The segments are attached electrically to a control panel made of over 100 magnetic reed switches under a sheet of plexiglass. You pass a magnet over the control panel and the segments light up. You can't break it, and you can't get it wrong. (Um, don't take that as a challenge, ok?)

L0l joins 3na as my coolneon interpretation of members of the cnidarian phylum (animals with stinging cells, including jellyfish, anemones, hydra, and corals). These are actually fascinating animals with remarkable adaptations and reproductive cycles. Some have a symbiotic relationship with photosynthetic algae and are thus able to get energy from sunlight. Some are asexual, reproducing by leaving small slices of themselves behind as they move! Here's a few good links to learn more about them:

Here's a photo of 3na and l0l at the Flambe Lounge's 2002 Blue Ball, swiming away from all the activity.

Photo by Cameragirl

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