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The 2002 Nose Organizers are a team of people who have made a committment to work on the Desert Nose project before, during and/or after Burning Man. They include:
  • Frank Bonita
  • Marilyn Bonita
  • Lisa Hassebrock
  • Dave Hidebrandt
  • Michael Marx

This is the schedule of events:
Mon 8/19 Tue 8/20Wed 8/21 Thu 8/22Fri 8/23Sat 8/24Sun 8/25
Shop for Perishables Get truck, Pack Truck
hoco, greg
Drive to Burning Man, Set up Camp Set up Nose, Day 1
hoco, dave, mike
Set up Nose, Day 2
hoco, dave, mike
Set up Nose, Day 3
hoco, dave, mike
Help with Roller Disco
Mon 8/27 thru Sat 8/31Sun 9/1
Burning Man Break Down the Nose, pack in truck
hoco, dave, mike, greg
Mon 9/2Tue 9/3Wed 9/4
Break down camp, finish packing, drive back Unpack truck, clean truck, return truck
hoco, greg

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