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3na is a Jellyfish...

3na's framework, made of fish tape and brazed by Kenny Schwartz. You can see her polyester mesh skin material already sewn on. You can also see that some of her CoolNeon eyes have been fastened onto her framework but not yet connected.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Here she is with all her lighting effects on. You can see her two sets of hanging tenticles -- the salmon colored ones around the outside and some aqua and pink ones in the middle. You can see two horizontal aqua bands across her body and you can see her eyes between them. Her actual body has a green hue from the RGB body lighting unit. In the background you can see my electronics workbench.

Here's 3na in one of her most beautiful of moods: salmon. Only her outer tenticals are lit and her RGB body light has been tuned to a similar salmon color.

Here she is stinging a little fish. The fish is at the bottom of her bright tentical hanging down. The rest of her tenticals have been turned off so as not to scare the little fish away.

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