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Outer skin:
The outer skin is polyester mesh over umbrella-like framework. CoolNeon articulates the shape.

CoolNeon Animated Eyes: There are 20 CoolNeon "eyes" distributed around the outside of the body. These are animated using the Cat-09 Sequencer available from The eyes can be set to run in sequence forwards or backwards, fast or slow. There is a control for how fast or slow they move, so they can be set very close to the beat of nearby music. There are other display modes as well, such as random, or a to-and-fro motion.

Hanging Tenticals:
There are two sets of tenticals: an outer main set and an inner minor set. The outer ones are contained in clear vinyl tubing to make them appear larger. They are twisted within the tubing for a more natural spring-like appearance.

RGB Body Color:
The body has an internal RGB color projector so I can create any color inside the body. This is done with a trio of 6V krypton flashlight bulbs each shining through a theatrical lighting filter of red, green or blue hue. The lights have independent controls which allow them to be on full or faded down to off. They can also be independently switched on and off. The lights shine upward onto a diffuser which mixes the color and glows within the center of the body. The polyester mesh gives a whispy colored shaped to the jellyfish.

The jellyfish is about 3 feet in diameter and about 4 feet tall.

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