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The color gun unit hangs under 3na's center. It is made of wood based on a central triangle. There are three identical color guns which each contain:

  • A flashlight reflector and a Krypton 6V lantern bulb.
  • A color filter made with a small square of theatrical color filter plastic sandwiched between a pair of tagboard frames.
  • A wooden frame which which holds the color filters securely above the bulb.
  • A PVC pipe section which keeps the light pointing up into 3na's canopy instead of shining out sideways.
  • A wooden riser to hold the diffuser (not shown)
  • A clip to secure that portion of the color gun unit to 3na's interior framework.

I also attached all of 3na's middle tentacles as well as the fish and its stinging tentacle to the color gun unit.

The color gun unit connects to 3na electrically with a 25 pin gold-plated connector (about half are used). This makes it easy to disconnect the color gun unit for transportation. The AC power for the coolneon and the separate power for each of the 3 color guns go through this connector.

The above photo shows the color gun unit next to the diffuser. You can see the fish and the central body tentacles, as well as the electrical connector on the left.

Above these are two batteries. The white battery is a 12 Volt, 7 Amp-hour battery used for all of the different coolneon effects. The dark battery is a 6V, 10 Amp-hour battery used exclusively for the color guns.

Does it work?

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