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I'm an avid Mac owner and user. I've actually been a software engineer on Unix systems since 1982. Macs have been Unix-based since OS X. The result is a secure, solid operating system with the wonderful UI and device management of a Mac.

I own lots of macs -- three intel iMacs, two laptops (a Titanium Powerbook and a modern 17" MacBook Pro, maxed out with the fast hard drive (7200rpm) and 4GB memory).

I have a page with a few OS X tips and tricks here:

My favorite applications for the mac are (no snarky comments, please):

Internet Utilities

Office Applications

Media Applications


System Utilities
And of course, Apple's own apps: Mail, iCal, iTunes, iMovie, stickies, Activity Monitor, Grab and Terminal.

I'm also an active member in the OS X tribe at

I attend MacWorld each year... for a few hours... ;-)

I also have learned Objective C and the basics of Mac Application Development; however, it is a significant undertaking to become a Mac developer and I am just beginning. I do however have a significant library of books on the subject including:

  • Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (Hillegass, Addison Wesley) -- the book to have for learning how to program macs. Read it cover to cover.
  • Programming in Objective C (Kochan, Developer's Library)
  • Building Cocoa Applications (Garfinkle & Mahoney, O'Reilly & Associates)
  • Learning Cocoa with Objective C (Davidson & Apple Computer, Inc., O'Reilly & Associates)
  • Cocoa in a Nutshell (Beam & Davidson, O'Reilly & Associates)

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