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I've loved working with wood for a long time. I think it was my first hobby, and I've stayed with it over the years.

Collected on this page are some images of things I've made, and also some woodworking references to other WWW pages and to newsgroups related to woodworking.


Here are a few sets of images of different pieces of woodworking I've done. I tend to make very small things from wood. My reasoning is that it has practically all the same cuts, but it takes less wood and less sanding. And, It doesn't hurt as much if you drop it on your foot.

When I make things out of exotic hardwoods, I use end-cuts and scraps wherever possible.

Card Stands

I made a pair of business card holders for my brother, Mark, and his wife, Catherine Hill, on the occasion of their marriage.

The bases are made of Walnut, and the thin card rests are made of highly figured Maple. This was a bandsaw project mainly -- plus a lot of sanding. The pieces were finisheswith water-based polyurethane, rubbed on like oil.

image of card stand 2 1   image of card stand 1 2   image of card stand 1 with my business card in it 3  
  1. Pallette Card Stand (61K jpg)
  2. Half-Moon Card Stand (40K jpg)
  3. Half-Moon Card Stand With my business card on it (65K jpg)

Dominos & Case

I made a case for a set of 9-spot dominos. I also made the corresponding set of 55 dominos.

The case lid is made of Mahogany, and the sides are made from from finger- jointed Maple. The bottom is made from three, edge-glued Maple strips. The case has a brass clasp and hinges.

The dominos are made from Walnut with gold enamel dots.

The case and dominos were finished with water-based polyurethane rubbed on like oil.

The finger joints on this box are perfect. The tricky part was finding a way to finish the dominos efficiently. I ended up cutting in half a bunch of cardboard toilet-paper rolls. The long edge of the dominos rested on the curved sides of the half-tubes, so that very little finish was affected by the way they were suspended.

image of closed domino case 1   image of open domino case 2   image of a few dominos 3  
  1. Closed Domino Case (18K gif))
  2. Open Domino Case (29K gif)
  3. A Few Dominos (19K gif)


I have made several jewelery boxes as gifts for family and friends. These are essentially exact copies of a box that Joel Gringorton made for me. I liked Joel's design so much, I made them the same way.

The sides on all the boxes are made from Koa, with contrasting Maple splines. The bottoms were all made from basswood, and inside was either an artificial suede or foam-filled velvet tubes which formed slots for jewelery to rest in. The tops were made from different kinds of hardwoods. These two are figured Maple and Kingwood (a rosewood).

The boxes were finished with water-based polyurethane rubbed on like oil.

image of two jewelry boxes 1  
  1. Two Jewelry Boxes (33K gif)


I made a whole bunch of fish as holiday gifts for friends. Some folks hung them on their Christmas trees. These were all made from small scraps of of various hardwoods. I tried to capture the figure of the wood in ways that might make sense for a fish.

The fish were all created by using forstner bits to form the concave curves in the tail, waist and fins. The eye was also drilled first. Then the blanks were resawn on the bandsaw, and the thin pieces were cut to final shape on the bandsaw as well. Then, there was a lot of standing. The fish tails were fragile on some pieces.

This fish has sapwood in the tail for effect.

image of card stand 2 1  
  1. A Wood Fish (8K gif)

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