I make and sell discs for small disc golf.

You can print your own versions of these discs by downloading 3D models and printing them on your own 3D printer. Here’s where you can find the .step files and information you’ll need to 3D print them. If you don’t have a 3D printer you might have a friend who has one and they can easily print discs for you. They take between 90 and 150 minutes to print one, depending on the size and your slicing choices, and of course the speed of the printer.

If you have no other way to acquire small golf discs I am happy to sell them to you. Postage within the US for any number of discs is $5. Overseas postage is whatever they charge for shipping a small package to your location, but whatever means you choose.

Discs are $5 each including sales tax for CA residents.

I sell all of the discs in the main Small Disc Golf Disc Library, but not discs designed by other people.

Please send email to hoco @ smalldiscgolf dot org if you’d like to place an order.

It could be a few days or weeks before I am able to fulfill your order depending on how many other orders are waiting to be printed, and whether I have discs already in stock ready to be shipped. When you send me an order I’ll give you a rough idea of when I will be able to print and ship your discs.

At the moment I only have purple PLA but I’ll have more colors soon.

If there is a particular color you want, you can have a spool of it shipped to me and I’ll use it to print your discs. I’ll also include two free discs of your choice as a thank-you. I’ll use the remaining PLA to print discs for other people. It needs to be PLA that is 1.75mm in diameter. No carbon fiber, sorry, but most other PLA varieties should be alright. Check with me before buying any filament.

Currently I’m using Overture PLA, which you can buy at Amazon.com for about $22 here: Overture PLA