Where Gravity Sleeps

I wrote this sci-fi novel in 1995. I wrote the first draft in less than one month. I took a break and came back to it and revised it a few months later.

Then I started to invesitgate how to publish it. I had a dream of being a writer for a living. But, I found that getting it published was going to be very hard, if possible at all. Apparently, there are countless budding sci-fi writers. I decided not to try to compete to publish it. I had formed a .com with a friend and I didn't want to divide my efforts on what appeared to be a very low chance of success.

As time went on I saw some of the ideas of my story appear in some popular movies. I felt like publishing the story would seem as if I had taken ideas from the movies, even though the actual ideas came to me before the movies.

The internet was younger when I wrote the story, and some of the ideas I thought were new at the time would seem quaint now.

So, while there is no point in publishing this story with any hope of success, I can at least put it out on the internet as proof that I did indeed once write a novel. I did have a dream of being a sci-fi writer, but I let it go to pursue my career in software engineering. I have no regrets about this decision.

If you'd like a synopsis, you can read one here.

That is as far as I got originaly with that story.

In January, 2014, I began writing a sequel to the original "Where Gravity Sleeps" novel. It is called The Space Between and you can read it here:

The Space Between
I started to write a few more chapters but they weren't done and I never went back to refine them. They were more of a post-history and didn't carry the story anywhere. You can read them if you like, but they aren't up to the standards of the previous chapters. The first part of chapter 14 might be interesting but the story ends and it be becomes a rather boring history lesson, not really worth reading.

If I ever pick the story up again I'd not use much more than the beginning of Chapter 14. I don't consider the remainder to be part of the original book. It was written a couple of years later as I dabbled with the idea of writing again.

Where Gravity Sleeps is Copyright 1995 by Howard Cohen (hoco@timefold.com)
All rights reserved worldwide.

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