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The residents of stroid, the distributed planet, welcome you on your birthday. It's always your birthday somewhere on stroid.

Stroid is my Sun Sparc2 computer. In my career I have worked on many different models of Sun computers. Each time I got to choose a workstation name I always chose stroid.

Leon approves. At least stroid has a mouse!

What is stroid now?

Stroid is a Sun Sparc 2 configured with:
19" Color Sony Trinitron Multisync Monitor
32 Megabytes of Ram
GX board (graphics accellerator)
1 Gigabyte Hard Drive
Floppy Drive
Exabyte 8200 SCSI tape backup device (4Gig per tape)
Running Solaris 2.5

Where did I get stroid?

I got stroid from:
Marc Asch
Security Computer Sales
ST Paul, MN
Voice 612.227.5683
Fax 612.223.5524
Marc was really helpful, and put the whole package together including all the needed cables, keyboard, mouse, etc. at a great price. Marc contacted me shortly after I posted a WTB (Want To Buy) message to misc.forsale.computers.workstation


Why stroid?

When I worked at Cohesive Network in Los Gatos I had one of the new 3/50 model workstations (it was a while ago...). The engineers had agreed on a science/science-fiction theme for naming workstations. By the time I chose, the names of all the planets and interesting moons had been taken. Many cool sf names had also been taken. I noticed that the asteroid belt itself hadn't been claimed, and since I was an avid player of the arcade game Asteroids (I still own an original coin-operated full arcade model), I could not resist. The name stroid was born. I've used it for every workstation I've named ever since. It is a real pleasure to finally have a home for stroid.

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