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Ahh, to snowboard... I wax poetic when I dream of carving.

Of course, I'm also in the air a lot (in my dreams...) -->

<--Hey, that's my board!

Actually, that's one from the Burton Catalog. Mine has a really cool Pink Floyd hologram, and an Apple Computer logo sticker. Click on the small icons to download these images:

1   2  

  1. Kneeling (53K color jpeg). Taken at the top of Mount Pluto (Northstar)
  2. Faces, Check out the cool hologram!(107K color jpeg)

In fact, here's a picture of me -- click on it to download a fullsize copy (86K color jpeg)

You can just barely see me behind that hill watching this guy catch big air. :-)

This guy's on a Burton Twin 53 just like mine.

Of course, he's doing that on purpose.

I just acquired a pair of Burton Atlas boots, which should be a big improvement over my bottom-of-the-line Airwalk boots.

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Last Updated: 2/10/96
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