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The 1997 Sfskaters Swap Meet

On Saturday, April 26, 1997, the Bladium In-Line Hockey Stadium hosted the first sfskaters swap meet. Bladium is located at 1050 Third Street in San Francisco. Click here to see a cool interactive map.

Read what I posted to the sfskaters mailing list about the swap meet.

The sfskaters swap meet was an event where skaters, skate shops and members of the industry were invited to bring their used skating-related equipment to sell and trade with fellow skaters. Any new equipment brought by skate shops was sold under a 25% swap-meet discount. The event began at noon and continued until 6:00 PM.

This was a totally free event, and in fact, over 100 different people who attended won one of the door prizes donated by skate shops and members of the skating industry. See the list below. :-)

There are now a collection of pictures of the event which you can view at:

The sfskaters swap meet was produced by Anna Stubbs (co-founder of the Roller Divas Women's Skating Club) and Howard Cohen (founder of the SFSkaters mailing list).

This web page is located at:

Share the Joy of Skating

Over 55 pairs of used skates were donated
to CORA'sSkate Against Violence campaign.
Donated skates are refurbished and given to kids
who couldn't otherwise afford them.
Many thanks to all who donated!

Door Prizes

The following companies and individuals have contributed door prizes to the swap meet. These will be raffled away to attendees throughout the day. You must be present to win and winners will receive no more than one door prize.

Thanks to all those who contributed!
Arm Alarm
Five Arm Alarms (personal alarms).
One pair of cross-trainer shoes, assorted tank tops and towels.
One pair of Hockey Skates, four helmets and dozens of keychains.
One helmet.
One free membership and two free pick-up games.
[These guys are great! Not only did they made the venue available for free, they contributed door prizes too!]
Hudson Bay Inline
Two sets of wheels, one set of bearings.
Movement In Motion
Two One-hour Rollerdance lessons.
Jack Gescheidt
Three calendars featuring photographs of skaters.
1 set Hyper racing wheels (10), 1 set (16) BSB Speed Bearings, 1 set (8) Bullzeye fitness wheels
Inline America
3 Athens-to-Atlanta videos, 2 long-sleeve T-shirts, 2 short-sleeve T-shirts.
Inline Magazine
Two subscriptions.
One pair of recreational skates.
Three sets of wheels and one set of bearings.
Marina Skate and Snowboard
Two aluminum hockey sticks, one Left handed, one Right handed.
Eddy Matzger
One slot in one of his future speedskating seminars.
Miller Sports
Tee shirts, duffel bags.
One set Kuzak hockey wheels, 3 Wicked Light Hockey Shafts.
Moving Comfort
"A Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman" tee shirts
Two pair of Bigfoot Skis.
One velocity shell jacket.
Pearl Izumi
One Pair of Gel Gloves, two water bottles.
One pair of recreational skates, many pairs of aggressive clothing. These were among the very most popular door prizes!
Roller Divas
Two memberships.
Seventh Wave Productions
2 Pro-Tec roces helmets, one set Famous Amos agressive wheels, one set Mo Sanders agressive wheels, two entries in the Inline Challenge Series
Skate Pro Sports
Two sets of wheels.
One case of Stoker bars. That's a case, not a box.
Ten Timex sports watches.
One Pro Pack, one Sports Pack, various T-shirts.
One set of ABEC-5 bearings.
USA Inline Racing
One subscription to American Skater.
Wheel Hog
T shirts.
Woman's Sports and Fitness Magazine
Three subscriptions.
Wrightenberry Mills
Six pair of double-layer socks.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Bladium for their gracious offer to host the event. Bladium has been the venue for such great events as Art Howard's birthday bash and David Miles birthday/Skate Against Violence celebration. They have been a regular host of Zackball games, and currently host a variety of Roller Hockey leagues. Check out their web site for more information at

Thanks Bladium!

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