The Hobbit Iron-On Decals

The following four images were scanned from a page of iron-on decals that came with the soundtrack of the Rankin/Bass production of The Hobbit. The images are presented on this page as two rows of two images, in the same orientation as they appeared on the decal sheet. Of course, they were mirror images on the decal sheet itself, but Photoshop made that easy to fix. :-)

You can print these with a thermal wax transfer printer or a bubble-jet printer and you may be able to iron them onto a T-shirt. There is also a commercial paper product you can print onto which allows the image to be ironed on. You can also take an image to a T-Shirt Shop and they may be able to transfer it for you.

1 size 22K

1 size 28K

1 size 21K

1 size 18K

  1. Bilbo (22K)
  2. Smaug (28K)
  3. Gollum (21K)
  4. Gandalf (18K)

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