Page 8 of the Rankin/Bass Hobbit Booklet
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The eighth page contained four images, one of which had disconnected text.

1 size 5K

2 size 29K

3 size 21K

4 size 14K

5 size 16K

  1. The dwarves, weakened as they were by their encounter with the spiders, gave up without a struggle. (5K)
  2. The wood elves capture the dwarves. (29K)
  3. Very well! Take them away until they feel inclined to tell the truth -- (21K)
  4. Oh stop complaining! I never promised to burgle you first class accommodations. (14K)
  5. The Lonely Mountain! I'd come far and through many adventures to see it -- and now I did not like the look of it at all! (16K)


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