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The 1978 J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar
Tim and Greg Hildebrandt produced the original paintings for the images included here, and they own the copyright for them. There is a real on-line gallery of Hildebrandt Brothers Art (which is for sale) located at http://www.spiderwebart.com.


The following images were scanned from a 1978 Ballentine Books Calendar, which was published by Random House (ISBN 345-25689-1-595)

The calendar from which I scanned these images was loaned to me by Bob Palmieri (rcp716@ix.netcom.com). Bob graciously offerred to loan me this and other Hildebrandt Brothers calendars he carefully preserved through the years so that everyone could enjoy them. Thanks, Bob!

1 size 81K

2 size 55K

3 size 80K

4 size 84K

5 size 54K

6 size 65K

7 size 67K

8 size 168K

9 size 46K

10 size 65K

11 size 69K

12 size 72K

13 size 69K

14 size 54K

  1. The 1978 J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar Cover (81K)
  2. Farmer Maggot's Hospitality (55K)
  3. Old Man Willow (80K)
  4. The Gift of Galadriel (84K)
  5. The Pillars of the Kings (54K)
  6. Gollum (65K)
  7. The Return of Gandalf (67K)
  8. At The Gray Havens (168K)
  9. Saruman and the Palantir (46K)
  10. The Golden Hall of Rohan (65K)
  11. Beorn the Berserker (69K)
  12. King Theoden and Wormtongue (72K)
  13. Shelob (69K)
  14. The Dark Tower (54K)

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