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Strategic Consulting Services Available

If you'd like to contact me about any of these services, or you would like to discuss other consulting services, click here or scroll to the bottom of this page, or take a Timefold Virtual Business Card.

I can also provide training for ClearCase in these areas:
Project/Branching Strategies
I will work with you to help refine your project and branching strategies and policies to help them best suit your needs. The right branching strategy helps you get the most from ClearCase, reduces merge effort and complexity, and therefore increases productivity.

Network and Host Configuration Strategies
I can work with you to choose appropriate host and network configurations for your existing needs, and provide reasonable scalability for the growth you forsee.

Policy Implementation Strategies
I can suggest alternative methods for achieving your policy goals, including the use of ClearCase meta-data such as triggers and attributes. I can help you avoid burdening your system with inefficient policy implementations.

VOB Construction Strategies
I can work with you to define a strategy for what vobs to create. We can discuss methods for combining various copies of repositories into a the same vob(s) so that each copy ends up being it's own branch. Many companies copy SCCS/RCS/CVS repositories as a means of performing parallel development.

Multi-Platform and other Variant Strategies
I can discuss with you various different techniques for supporting variants of your products including directory and branch based methods.

Facilitate Policy Definition Meetings
Nobody can tell you what your policies are, but I can facilitate meetings of opinion leaders to pin down what policies you want your ClearCase codeline system to enforce. I'll also contribute to the discussion as appropriate.

How to Reach Howard Cohen

If you want to contact me about any of these services, here is how to reach me:

	Email address: 		hoco@timefold.com
	US Mail address: 	5518 Vallejo Street, Oakland, CA 94608
	Home Phone:		(415) 664-8586
	Cellular Phone:		(510) 928-4442
	WWW Home Page:		http://www.timefold.com

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