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Howard Cohen
(510) 658-8497 / LinkedIn: hostco / Twitter: @hocot

Objective: To build something amazing with others.

Summary of Skills

Below are things I love to do. I haven't bothered to list the rest.

Negotation and mediation, natural leadership, requirements analysis, business process (re)engineering, service-oriented products, continual process improvement, reducing schedule and cost variances in software projects, managing expectations, business continuation strategies, disaster recovery plans, a strong commitment to professional transparency and transparent software engineering, a thoughtful, compassionate agent of positive change.

Engineering Management skills:
Software project management, engineering process and policy definition, full-lifecycle software project planning, managing incremental development, resource utilization analysis, long-term planning, issue management.

Operating Systems:
Unix, Linux, Macos, iOS

Objective-C, C, Perl, PHP, SQL, Bourne shell/Bash, others: I have never failed to easily learn any computer language.

Application Development skills:
Requirements-based application design, iPhone and iPad application development, server-side and client-server applications, database design, data transformation, rapid prototyping, data-driven applications, data visualization.

System Development/Integration skills:
CGI and HTTP, Unix Networking, XML, JSON, Paypal, data importers and exporters, nighly build and test automation, engineering tools & infrastructure, migration tools, backups, process automation, nightly operations automation, highly-available systems, scalable architecture, performance analysis, test plans.

Administrator skills:
MySQL, Macos, Wiki, Doxygen, Configuration Management, ssh, Apache, Perl, Moodle, git.

Documentation skills:
Creation of requirements, functional specifications and software designs, OmniGraffle, Goodle Docs (all kinds), MS Office docs (all kinds), Doxygen document production, Hewlett-Packard document review methodology, have authored well over over 1 million lines of documentation.

SCM Systems:
git, cvs, rcs, ClearCase

Business and Employment History

Founder, CTO, Point Together, LLC
September 2015 - June 2016
In September of 2015 I formed Point Together, LLC with Paul Pillitteri. We developed the Point Together app, but many of its ideas ended up in iOS 10's iMessage app. The app provided a visual messaging platform for iOS that included live, simultaneous drawing on a shared background image.

May 2015 - Aug 2015
During this time I was a consultant for Tech 2000 to provide time to transfer projects to other engineers and to finish in-progress work. I augmented documentation, wrote standard operating procedures and provided tranining and support while transitioning.

Vice President of Engineering at Tech2000, Inc.
May 2013-May 2015
In May of 2013 I joined Tech2000, Inc. as their Vice President of Engineering. In addition to creating numerous software products I also defined Tech 2000's engineering and quality assurance processes. I provided key input used for bidding on software projects.

Consultant, iOS Application Engineering and LAMP Server Engineering
2009-2013 (4 years)
Since the end of 2008 I have been developing iPhone, iPad apps, and full lamp stack server-side applications. Some of these were client-server applications. As of May, 2013, I have over 80 applications in the iTunes store. These applications include:

  • Over 60 different Examination Preparation applications, video player applications, and a note-card application. Those apps are all data driven and can be loaded with content via a collection of XML and image files. All content is managed via a web-based content management system that I also wrote. Tech2000 won the Cisco System Global Innovation award for 2010 because of this app because of the breadth of Cisco Training available through it.

  • LearnITNowHD -- a trusted multimedia player that supports offline viewing of encrypted or unencrypted content. It is data driven and completely configured at the server to such a degree that the app can almost be described as being an operating system. In addition to mp4 and pdf files, and stand-alone web sites, it includes a robust quizzer with score history by module and a wealth of other training-oriented data-driven features. The app supports an entire publication business model.

  • Cisco's M-Learning Test and Study iPhone app. It was designed by Cisco Systems and won a 2011 Brandon Hall Silver Medal in the category of "Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology" and helped Tech2000 earn its third "Global Innovation" award -- three years in a row.

  • Through Tech2000 I implemented Health Discovery Corporation's MelApp iPhone app which was number 4 on Parade Magazines list of 10 Apps That Could Save Your Life.

  • For Tech2000 I developed VersiView, a flexible iPad app that establishes a platform for on-demand downloads of many different kinds content. The initial version of VersiView is here: VersiView

    The VersiView platform was used for the MEF on the Go app as well.

In addition to apps, I also created many server-based systems. These all had both a development and production version that allowed for a tame and reliable software development and release lifecycle.
  • Examprep -- restful exam content management system complete with importers, exporters, many different question types, spelling checker, link checker and many other sophisticated publication features.

  • CARMan -- the accounting system Tech 2000 uses to calculate royalty payments to clients based on monthly sales-by-SKU data and notices of wire transfers reported by Apple through iTunesConnect.

  • LiNC -- the server side of which LearnItNowHD was the client and also its content management and publication system.

  • TheSellCloser back-end -- the server side of which TheSELLCloser was the client. Included hierarchy editor, flexible data management, importer and complete protocol test bench for development and fault isolation.

  • MelApp Image Upload/Results Restful Service -- the server side of which MelApp was the client. This restful server application only managed uploads and downloading results. It did not include the evaluation of uploaded images.

Senior Staff Engineer 2008 (~1 year)
Vantage Partners licensed Alliancesmith to Vertical*i in 2008 and arranged terms so that Vertical*i would take over maintenance of existing Alliancesmith customers. I joined Vertical*i at the same time to help with the transition and to provide some customer support. I also helped with their J2EE application development efforts. My main achievements at Vertical*i was the seamless transition of the Alliancesmith development and production systems to a different hosting center, and the completion of a customized deployment, training and support of a new Alliancesmith customer.

Vantage Partners, LLC
Chief Software Architect 2006 to 2008 (2 years)
After Vantage Technologies, Inc., merged with Janeeva, Inc. in October, 2006, I remained with Vantage Partners as their Chief Software Architect.

  • Developed a lightweight, single-tool "Point of Presence" system to allow the use of individual tools outside the context of a complete system offering.

  • Directly developed and supported Alliancesmith products and enhancements for Schering-Plough, Abbott, Roche, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

  • Facilitated the transition of Partnersmith products to Janeeva.

Vantage Technologies, Inc.
Chief Software Architect and CTO, 2000 to 2006 (6 years)
Vantage Technologies was a technology spin-off from its parent company, Vantage Partners, LLC. the premier negotiation and alliance building consulting firm in the world. Vantage Tecnologies, Inc. merged with Janeeva, Inc., in October 2006.

  • Co-Created Partnersmith
    Partnersmith included a wide variety of negotiation management tools, as well as many collaborative workflow tools, document management, communication management and business process support tools. It was used by companies including Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Road Island, KLA Tencor, TIAA-CREF, Johnson & Johnson, Swiss RE, CIBC and the United States Air Force.

  • Co-Created Alliancesmith
    Alliancesmith was an application which supported alliance and partner definition and management, including support for issue tracking, document management, milestone tracking and management, and a sophisticated partner relationship health survey system. It was used by Abbott, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida, and Schering-Plough.

  • Created numerous web-based technologies, including:
    • A back end for Macromedia Flash applications.
    • Several different data-driven application building frameworks
    • A data-driven process engine
    • A data-driven metrics engine
    • A high-level database-independent API for web and data access and management.
    • A user capability profile management system
    • A contact management system
    • A pre-mod_perl application server
    • An scm tool system build on cvs to automate and simplify branching
    • Many specific applications such as "One Text", "Organization Mapping", and "Negotiation Preparation"

Media in Motion, LLC.
CTO, acting Vice President of Engineering, 1997 to 2000 (3 years)

  • Co-Created Snapcast.
    Snapcast is internet server-based multiple-contributor web site creator offered as an internet service to brand owners to allow their retailers to co-brand and customize centrally maintained content. It is also based on MIM's three-tier application server architecture.

    Written in Perl and Java its features include an XML language for defining shared content, an XML preprocessor and compiler integrated with an automatic data entry form generator and a runtime page generator.

  • Co-Created Snapshop.
    Snapshop is internet server-based community-based consumer e-commerce and multilevel marketing management system based on a three-tier application server architecture. Written in Perl and Java it's features include a universal shopping cart and order distribution system, flexible multilevel page content definition, a product pool from which shopkeepers stock their stores, browser-based control interfaces, and seamless integration with community sites, such as Delphi. Snapshop was used at Delphi for their community e-commerce shops.

  • Co-Created Snapsite Web Architect.
    Snapsite is internet server-based web site creation system based on a three-tier application server architecture. Written in Perl and C it's features include full commerce support, email forms, curriculum support, licensing and reporting. Includes an integrated data dictionary, page template language, automatic image generation, and a client-server CGI server process group.

Timefold Software Configuration Management Training and Consulting
Owner, 1995 to Present (18+ years)

Sybase, Software Engineering Technology and Infrastructure (SETI)
Senior and Staff Engineer, 1992 to 1995

  • Created BART, Build and Regression Testing system.
    Multiple platform and product nightly build and test automation system. Written in Bourne shell and operated on eight different Unix architectures. Wrote configuration and operation manuals in FrameMaker.

  • Supported Sybmake, Multiple Platform and Product Software Build System.
    Fixed problems, added features, answered questions. Wrote the only user and administration manuals. Sybmake was written in Bourne shell, sed and make.

  • Created CALM, Configuration and Lifecycle Management system based on ClearCase.
    Performed SCM requirements analysis, product survey and selection, implementation, pilot program and final roll-out. Designed and implemented metadata and cspec management policies and tools, view and VOB management tools, merge automation tools. Created an ECO system GUI in TCL+Tk. Trained engineers and CM administrators. Wrote user and administration manuals in FrameMaker.

  • Created ECO, ClearCase Change Grouping and Automation system.
    Created a command layer over ClearCase which automated operations for change groups supporting the entire change lifecycle, including integration with the Sybase bug tracking system. Written in Bourne shell, awk and sed. Wrote user manual in FrameMaker.

National Risk Management
Staff Engineer, 1991 to 1992 (~1 year)

  • Designed an Insurance Claims Processing System.
    Prototyped in the UNIFY RDBMS and ACCELL.

  • Created DBT, a General Purpose Database Transformation Language.
    Written in C for the UNIFY RDBMS. Used to transfer the State of New Jersey's entire Workman's compensation and liability claims database.

Cohesive Network/DCA/Racal Milgo
Mid Level and Senior Engineer, 1986 to 1991 (5 years)

  • Supported and Enhanced the System 9000 Network Management System (NMS)
    The System 9000 was an Intelligent T1 Network. Implemented 3 major NMS product releases in four years, plus several minor releases. Created a new, critically acclaimed user interface. Created database transformation methods and tools. Created a network management server. Wrote feature NMS specifications. Wrote a critical document on Alarm conditions in the T1 Network. Created make system and SCCS version control system with symbolic-link-populated views. Provided Unix support for engineers. Products written in C using the UNIFY RDBMS and ACCELL.

Helmsman Systems
Entry Level, Mid level, and Senior Engineer, 1982 to 1986 (4 years)

  • Implemented H-Champ, a Unix-like operating environment running on CP/M and MS/DOS.
    Implemented and documented many unix tools and special utilities. Created a novel text transformation tool called tabtran, used for database transformations and automated text processing. Created a novel "visual procedure" system used internally as a combined CM, build and test system and by customers as a friendly batch system. Written in Ratfor.

  • Implemented H-MRP, Material Requirements Planning system.
    Implemented and documented a suite of over 50 application programs (data entry, report generation, MRP explosion, database doctor, and others). Operated under Unix and H-Champ. Written in Ratfor.

Education, Awards, Presentations and Other Experiences

  • Creator of, 2013.

  • Published a collection of OS X Tips, 2007-2012.

  • Co-recipient of the Cisco Systems Global Innovation Award, 2010.
    Awarded because of the Examination Preparation iPhone app engine and its web-based content management system were used to publish over 20 apps featuring Cisco Systems content.

  • SVMUG Presentation
    • iPhone Programming, 2010

  • EBMUG Presentations

  • Sybase Quality Award Runner Up, 1994
    I was a finalist for the Sybase Quality Award for my work on Software Configuration Management using ClearCase.

  • Caltech (California Institute of Technology), 1980 to 1981
    Studied Digital Electronics. There was no software engineering curriculum. Left to pursue a career in software. Freshman year advisor was Carver Mead.

  • NASA, Space Sciences Division, 1979
    Volunteer at the NASA, Ames Research Center for one summer. Programmed an HP Desktop Calculator "computer" in support of a cryogenic research project for the Shuttle Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF). Also responsible for regular maintenance of the lab and liquid helium and nitrogen dewers.

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