Leon's Home Page

This is my home page. I'm Layed Back Leon. Howard claims to have faithfully translated everything I said. Did he add the part about baths?

I like sleeping ... and eating. I am into milk! I do my part to keep the bug population down, and I'm a charter member of the Dustbunny Preservation and Development Committee (DPDC local 413).

I don't like getting wet. I've tried it, and it just isn't for me. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to give me a bath.

Did I mention that I like sleeping? I also like bamboo.

Howard calls me "The Big Flea", or just "Flea" Some times he calls me "Get the heck off of there", which I kind of prefer.

I like guessing what he'll be using next, and sleeping on it.

I don't like Howard's new Macintosh. It doesn't have a mouse to chase! Who designs these things anyway? [it has a trackpad -- hoco] At least his Sun computer stroid has a mouse.

I'm a thinker. Lately I've been wondering what color is. When Howard describes color to me he uses words I don't understand. If color really exists, I wonder ... what color am I?

I like reading news on the internet. I follow alt.animals.felines. I used to follow talk.politics.animals but there were too many flaming newbie dawgs posting in ALL CAPS.

Howard thinks I follow rec.pets.cats, but I just mark all articles as read.

Howard doesn't like me to download pictures from alt.binaries.pictures.animals (like he doesn't have the disk space or something...).

If you get a chance, send me some email at leon@timefold.com, or if you prefer, you can send me a FAX on the Timefold fax machine.

A Visual Tour of Leon's World

I suppose that sleeping on Howard's scanner was pushing it a bit. He finally got the hint. So here's some pictures of me and the world I live in, the way I see it...

Want to Share some Bamboo?

The bamboo at Howard's old house is one of my favorite places. Would you like to join me on a journey there?
Last Updated: 12/28/95
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