SDK-101 is a complete course that teaches students essential information required to build iPhone and iPod Touch applications, install them on devices, and submit them for inclusion in the App Store.

The SDK-101 course includes a complete example application students can customize and use for experimentation.

SDK-101 E-Learning Course

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The goals of the course are:

  • Provide students with a downloadable version of the iWriteApps application.

  • Show how to become registered iPhone developers, acquire and install the SDK.

  • Explain how various parts of the application work

  • Provide an introduction to XCode and Interface Builder

  • Provide an introduction to Objective-C

  • Show students how to modify the source code to include their own business card information

  • Explain how to join Apple's iPhone Developer Program, including all steps in acquiring a development certificate and provisioning profile

  • Explain how to prepare an application for distribution in the App Store, including acquiring a distribution certificate and provisioning profile

  • Explain how to submit an application to the App Store

See the demo!

SDK-101 Demo

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