The MySchool Application is essentially a home page for your School on the iPhone. The MySchool course includes the complete application so students can learn from a working application.

The application allows anyone to configure a simple page on their iPhone with buttons that are links to web sites. One can specify the name and URL for each button. Each URL can also optionally have its own login name and password.

Students will learn how to build and install their own school-specific version of the MySchool application, primed with their own schools colors and logo, and with their favorite URLs.

Students can learn many more details about how the application works in the later modules of the course.

MySchool E-Learning Course
The MySchool Course is a followup to the SDK-101 course.

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The goals of the course are:

  • Provide students with a downloadable version of the MySchool application.

  • Explain how students can modify the source code to install their school colors, icon, buttons and URLs

  • Explain how students can install the app and use Ad-Hoc distribution

  • Explain how various parts of the application work, including:
    UI Elements, Persistent Data, Text Field Delegates, Asynchronous Web Page Access, Camera Picker

See the demo!

MySchool Demo

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