Timefold iPhone Applications

Timefold develops novel iPhone applications for a variety of private clients and for general sale via the iTunes application store.

The applications currently available to the public include:


"A Home Page for your iPhone"

Lets you easily create a friendly-looking home page on your iPhone.
Price. $0.99

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These applications are coming soon:


"3-D Photo Album App"

PhotoSphere lets you take photos with your iPhone camera or select them from your iPhone or iPod Touch's photo library and arrange them onto a sphere that you can rotate in three dimensions. You can zoom in and see the full-sized images, move and delete images.
Price. $4.99

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"Free 3-D Photo Album Viewer"

PSPViewer is a free viewer for PhotoSpheres that have been shared via Google's Picasa Web Album service. It runs on your iPhone or iPod Touch and allows you to rotate each PhotoSphere in three dimensions, zoom in on any one photo, etc. In fact, it lets you do everything that PhotoSphere can do, except create new PhotoSpheres or add photos to a PhotoSphere.
Price. Free!

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For information about having Timefold write an iPhone App for you, contact Howard Cohen at hoco(@)timefold(dot)com.