Original Art by Howard Cohen

While it's not my forte, I enjoy creating art in various mediums. Here is a growing gallery of some of my original art. You might also consider my woodworking pieces to be art, but you'll notice they aren't on this page here. :-) I consider my woodworking a craft.


I created this image for Simonetta Turek, as a gift in celebration of her PHD. This picture shows what is supposed to be Sisyphus, a mythical King who was condemned to roll a stone up a hill in hades, and have it always roll back down on him. Except that in this image, he has actually just succeeded in rolling the ball over the edge, and now he is just realizing that his life has changed forever.

I created this image using a combination of scanned original sketches in pencil, and original work in Photoshop, including the KPT 2.0 gradient builder.


  1. Sisyphus (199K color jpeg), Sisyphus at the moment of success.

Power Lines

While helping out with the 1996 Olympic Torch run through San Francisco, I came to an intersection which was filled with overhead power lines for Muni busses. I snapped a picture. Less than a minute later, a Muni bus' power connection snagged, and broke some of the power cables, which came crashing down! I reworked the photo in Photoshop, and mirrored it so it would tile.


  1. Power Lines (120K color jpeg), Muni Power Lines in San Francisco.

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