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Welcome to the Learn ClearCase Course!

Whether you already are using ClearCase on UNIX or NT systems or will be soon, this course will teach you the theory and operation of the essential ClearCase commands you need as an engineer.

What Will I Learn?

This course will teach you how to:

  • Create views and configuration specifications
  • Create and update NT snapshot views
  • Check files out and in
  • Merge files that two people have modified
  • Create a side branch for your project
  • Merge to and from a side branch
  • How to access from NT systems views and VOBs hosted on UNIX systems

You'll learn many essential concepts that fit together in a coherent methodology for using ClearCase that will work with both Unix and NT systems. You'll learn about the entire lifecycle of a project.

This course includes clear, task-oriented procedures you can follow to perform all typical ClearCase activities from project creation through final integration.

This course does not cover system-level ClearCase administration or advanced branching and merging techniques and analysis. It also does not cover ClearMake or ClearQuest. What it does do is give you the big picture about ClearCase and Configuration Management, written by an engineer for engineers.

How do I Enroll?

You must enroll to receive a password you can use to access the pages in this course. The enrollment page contains complete instructions. You can pay by credit card, company check, or Timefold can invoice your company.

When you enroll you'll receive a password for this course and your email address will be your login name. You'll enter these when your browser asks you for your user name and password.

How does the Course Work?

The course outline can be seen below right and you may use it to navigate directly to any page of interest. The best way to learn the material is to read each page from top to bottom, and then use the standard course navigation to move to the next page.

The course navigation looks like this:

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You can use the Next Page link to proceed through the course in its intended order. Any time you need to pick up where you left off you can always go to the Course Map to see which pages you have already visited. Links for pages you have already visited will be a different color.

If you are having any difficulty accessing the pages in the course after you have enrolled , please contact Timefold Online Education Support at Please include your phone number in your email so we may contact you directly if necessary.

About Quizzes

As you proceed through the course you will encounter a number of quizzes.

The quizzes are designed to test your knowledge and reinforce some of the key points of the course.

Answer the questions and then submit the quiz. It will be graded automatically and your grades will be recorded.

At any point you can see Your Learn CC Grades to review your grades on the quizzes you have taken.

You may take a quiz more than once and all your grades on it will be recorded.

Course Outline

You will see the correct answers in green, and your choices will be marked like this: [X]

You may also see links under an incorrect answer which lead to specific parts of pages in the course that help explain the answer.

Ready to get started?

The course begins with What is CM?

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