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 The Fishmobile

 Camp Nose Fish 2011

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 The Fishcycle

The Fishcycle is a relaunching of the "Vis-a-vis Velocipede", a four-wheel, four-person pedal-powered vehicle created by Robert Janca, Jordan Schechter, Laina Davis and Ayden Bremner. Pictures from their camp, including of the original Velocipede can be found here:

Nose Fish acquired it in February, 2008 and renamed it the Fishcycle (because, well, we're Nosefish, and, well Nosecycle was a distant second.)

The Fishcycle will be transported to Burning Man on top of the Fishtank using a custom built ramp designed by John Diamantidis and Howard Cohen:

At Burning Man 2008 it will be decorated as a classic American Ice Cream truck because Nose Fish will be serving popsicles on the playa... thousands of them... Of course, we may advertise them as fishsicles, squidpops, etc. We think people will enjoy them all the same...

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