I have the pleasure of playing with a great group of people in a band called Pavlov's Kats.

We have a cool web site with a song list and page of MP3 demos.

I've also been working on original music, which I create using:
  • an Alesis QS6.1 Midi Keyboard
  • a Mac (G4/2x1Ghz/1Gig)
  • an Edirol FA-101 audio interface
  • Intuem, a wonderful little software sequencer.

I'm interested in making new music, whatever that means. For me, it means that they won't be 1-4-5 blues/rock/pop songs. They won't be guitar+bass+drums+vocals songs. I use a synthesizer so I end up using synthesized Taiko drums, glass bottles, and pan flutes.

I also don't like music that is predictable. So, some of my songs evolve from beginning to end without falling into repeating cycles.

Here are some of my first songs:

  • Whoop March 6.8MB MP3
    Imagine lemings joining together into a growing throng, marching triumphantly to the sea...

  • Etherial 5.4MB MP3
    Slow, with many parts swirling together like a cloud... not a 1-4-5 pop tune...

  • Desert Intro 4.4MB MP3
    A quick song with many layered parts that fit together.

  • Waterfalls 5.2MB MP3
    This song is an experiment in breaking some of the rules of popular music. I think it breaks enough rules that most people won't like it.

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