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You can make your own fish hat! This web page and the few that follow will show you how to do it in terms that any pirate can understand.

You might well wonder why having a fish hat is important, or what fish hats have to do with anything. Here's the top ten reasons to own and wear a fish hat:

  • 10. Nobody else at the party will be wearing the same hat.
  • 9. Shows everyone you're ready for the rise in sea levels.
  • 8. Guaranteed conversation starter.
  • 7. Easier to hide in the aquarium department of your local pet store.
  • 6. Something to go with that chip on your shoulder.
  • 5. You'll always be ready to practice your scales.
  • 4. People will finally stop laughing at your nose.
  • 3. She'll believe you when you say you're really into Pisces women.
  • 2. Very e-fish-ent head covering.
  • 1. Great camouflage for pirates!

To make a fish hat, you'll need a stuffed animal fish, a tee shirt, a scissors, a needle and some thread.

The procedure described here is humane, with special attention paid to keeping the fish calm during the procedure.

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