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Camp Nose Fish has been present at Burning Man for six years in one form or another.

Our camp got its name from its close associated with noses and fish. The nose portion refers to our two-story replica of Buckminster Fuller's nose, done as a geodesic. We call it the Desert Nose.

The fish portion refers to the Fishmobile, the Fishtank, the Fishcycle , 3na (a coolneon Jellyfish) and L0L (a coolneon sea anemone, known to harbor clown fish and to eat fish). And, of course, several of us own and wear fish hats.

The Fishmobile was decomissioned in 2004, but in its place is the Fishtank, a 1986s Dodge Ram 3500 painted blue and covered in paintings of fish.

Beginning in 2005 we have stopped bringing the Desert Nose. It takes 3 full days of labor to set up the Desert Nose. Our new dome (2v, 28' diameter) takes three hours to set up and cover. This means we no longer require early arrival. The nose required us to have early arrival or we couldn't get it set up in time for the opening of Burning Man -- a requirement for Theme Camps.

But, we all still bring our own, personal noses. We use them to discover fun things to do and to find the porta-potties (follow your nose), and to avoid people's evaporation pools (don't follow your nose).

  • 2001 -- Center Camp, Giant Nose, The Great Unhot, 3na (Coolneon Jellyfish) -- part of Camp Roller Disco

  • 2002 -- Center Camp, Giant Nose, The Great Unhot, 3na (Coolneon Jellyfish), the Octavepus (coolneon, midi-controlled octapus) -- part of Camp Roller Disco

  • 2003 -- 3:00 Plaza, Giant Nose, The Great Unhot, The Fishmobile, MEZ Video Screen, L0L (coolneon Sea Anemone)

  • 2004 -- 3:00 Plaza, Giant Nose, The Great Unhot, MEZ Video Screen. We won the coveted Earth Guardian's "Camp of the Day" award in 2004.

  • 2005 -- 3:00 Plaza, Head Games Dome, MEZ Video Screen, The Great Unhot. We won the coveted Earth Guardian's " Camp of the Day" award again in 2005.

  • 2006 -- We were in the 3:00 plaza with our Visualizing Hope dome, the MEZ Video Screen, and our coolneon Flying Spaghetti Monster. Plus a camp-wide pirate theme. We won the coveted Earth Guardian's "Camp of the Day" award again in 2006 -- third year in a row! For a more complete write-up of the year's events, see the 2006 Afterburn report.

  • 2007 -- We were in the 3:00 plaza, adjacent to Espresso Camp. We handed out nearly 3000 biscotti from our self-styled Biscotheque dome. We had a new observation deck project dubbed the "Biscodeck" and we had the MEZ video screen again. Greg had a placed art piece called "Danger" and Tom had a placed art piece called "Accordian Practice Area." For a more complete write-up of the year's events, see the 2007 Afterburn report.

  • 2008 -- We were in the 3:00 plaza. We handed out over 4000 Otter Pops, mostly cut in half. We figure we gave treats to about 7000 people! We had our observation deck project we called the Americana Lounge, but alas, it turned out to be an empty promise, as much as the American Dream is for so many people. Chris had an awesome year with the MEZ screen, with some amazing new time-related effects, but he had to scramble the week before Burning Man because his computer died and he had to buy a new one port his MEZ software to it. Greg had an art piece called Echo that recorded people's voices and played them back three at the same time. Hoco helped the Cave of the Echo People move their Reflections art piece to the center of the plaza and Franco help the placement team as a volunteer. We had some mighty wind and had to take down some of the tarps we'd been using for shade. But, our domes did beautifully. Oh, and we ate incredibly good on the playa courtesy of two new camp members: Paul & Ginger. For a more complete write-up of the year's events, see the 2008 Afterburn report.

  • 2009 -- We were in the 3:00 plaza. We had two main projects: the Tree of Life and the Superhero Evolution project. The Tree of Life was an interactive, night-time project. Over 600 feet of super-bright LED rope light was arranged in the shape of a tree with its branches supported by a 2v geodesic dome. Each of over 50 strands of rope light had a blue trunk segment connected to a white branch segment with a green leaf loop at the end. The trunk segments were all woven together into a more or less solid tree trunk. The branch segments were woven together near the trunk but split into single strands about half way to the dome. The segments were normally on, but L0L's magnetic control interface was equipped with relays to reverse its logic, so that when a magnet was dragged across it the segments went out. In the original L0L project the magnetic control interface turned on the segments. The project was powered from a combination of a deep cycle battery and a battery charger -- a poor-man's UPS. The Superhero Evolution project provided fabric, sewing machines, tools and patterns to allow participants to create their own superhero costumes. About a hundred people came by throughout the week to create caps, masks, capes, skirts and bracers. This was also the year we had a wonderful border skirmish with our neighboring camp, culminating in a duel with Mr. Jellyfish.

  • 2010 -- we were in Center Camp next to the BRC Post Office. It was a great year! We served coffee every morning in our retro Un-Hammer Cafe -- we help you get "Un-Hammered!" While people waited for us to prepare their coffee we gave them scraps of decorated paper and pens so they could draw their own currency. It was a huge hit and we got lots of fun, creative bits of impromptu art. We served about 2000 cups of coffee over six days. It was also our first year providing an EL Wire Repair service. For two hours each day people would come with their costumes or art projects that had EL Wire problems. Benny from coolneon.com had equipped me with a large supply of connectors, wire and some drivers to use for repairing projects. About 30 people's projects got repaired, although a couple were absolutely beyond repair. The MEZ Screen delighted people, as usual. Our center camp placement brought plenty of people by, but we were inspired to provide a new reason to bring them by, so in 2011 we're planning to make Quesadillas! We were surprised to be placed in Center Camp, but when we found out we stepped up our game to make sure we didn't waste our chance to be there. In recognition of our efforts, the Earth Guardians awarded us the coveted "Camp of the Day" award in 2010 -- this was the fourth time we've been so honored.

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