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graywater is waste
it should not touch the playa
only you can help

makeup, hair, lotion
dishwashing waste, day-old beer
but no pee or poo

catch shower water
catch dishwashing waste water
you can if you try

toothpaste and dishsoap
used only for a moment
playa bound for years

evap pools take space
messy bike hazard at night
ugly sight all day

evap pools smell bad
get overused and don't dry
blowing dust makes mud

dried mud blows away
spreading what was collected
nothing was gained, sad

gross, mud covered tarps
ending up in a landfill
money to buy and throw away

take graywater home
in containers that don't leak
pour in drain for free

if you brought it here
and it isn't shit, piss, spit
it goes home with you

all water you brought
that didn't pass your sweet lips
comes back with you dear

it held graywater
never drink from it again
reuse it yearly

don't put graywater
in portapotties ever!
selfish! thoughtless! NO!

plan for graywater
not hard to do for burners
preserves Burning Man

what else can you do?
building a Nosefish shower
is easy and cheap

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