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I can't wait for Burning Man 2000. I'm working on a few projects:
  • CoolNeon Jellyfish
    It's Done! Check out the images of the finished jellyfish.

  • Camp Sunscreen
    Check out the new web site!

  • Spontaneous Tunes
    We're looking for musicians to jam with at Burning Man. We especially need one more guitar player, especially if they can sing leads.


The Burning Man

towers o'er my dreams

and calls to me at night

He beckons from

the far horizon

fiery bright

'gainst starry sky

I don't know what he wants from me

I only know that I must go

My destined metamorphosis

waits beneath his pyric glow

The vision haunts

my waking hours

and will not fade or wan

til I'm absorbed in how to make

this pilgrimage

my muse demands

What sacrifices will I make?

What parts of me will perish?

but ohhhh....

the self I might become -

the vision that I cherish


Poem by Jim Dees

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