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Welcome to the Camp Nose Fish 2011 home page. This year, we present Quesadillas!, EL Wire Repair and The MEZ.

We'll be located in Center Camp, inner circle, at the 2:45 position. If you are standing in the middle of center camp facing the Man we are to your right, adjacent to the "Anniversary" road.

Use the links at left to explore the different parts of our web site.

In the "less is more" spirit, our camp has three main projects:

Nose Fish will be serving delicious cheese quesadillas every night from 9-11pm. Naturally we'll coordinate with the Nevada State Health Department to get a temporary food service permit.

The quesadilla service will operate in a 2v Geodesic Dome. This is an example of repurposed materials and creating useful and enjoyable, durable and reusable structures with a minimum of materials.

EL Wire Repair
Daily from 11am to 4pm we'll offer to repair EL Wire projects. We'll be stocked with supplies and spare wire, tools and techniques and a determination to help if we can. We won't build your project for you, but if you built it before you came to the playa we'll help you keep it running. Special thanks to coolneon.com for providing us with materials to share with you all. Our EL Wire repair service is run from the same geodesic dome from which we serve Quesadillas.

Want to help? Please bring us any left-over wire, connectors or drivers you didn't need for your project. We'll use those to help someone whose wire or connectors broke, or whose drivers burnt out. Thanks!

For interactive nighttime enjoyment, the MEZ video screen is back! This incredible video projection system uses a video camera to collect moving images of participants and processes it with custom-written software. Then it is projected on the screen. The software creates a wide variety of effects, varying color, pixelation, edge detection, time delay and many other characteristics to the delight of all. This has been a very popular attraction in years past, and this year will feature new and improved software effects. This masterpiece of interactive art was created by Chris Pirazzi. Want to see videos of the MEZ in action or learn more about this amazing project? http://lurkertech.com/mez

In 2004, 2005 and 2006 we were proud to be one of the Earth Guardian's Leave No Trace model camps. We also won the coveted "Camp of the Day" award in both 2004 and 2005 and 2010! We will continue our LNT tradition and bring only what we need.

Our camp has four geodesic domes we use as shelter and for projects. We also have our zero-impact Nose Fish Shower. We collect and treat our shower water.

Everyone in our camp shares a solid and creative commitment to having zero net impact on the Playa. We have both an LNT guru and a recycling guru in our camp. Read our cleanup commitment to find out just how hard we work to keep our impact on the playa to a minimum.

Problems? Contact the webmaster: hoco@timefold.com
All information copyright 2000-2006 Howard Cohen. All rights reserved worldwide.