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Our cleanup plan is our mutual commitment to a zero-impact Burning Man experience.

This page includes some things we all must do, some things our camp must collectively do, and some things we keep an eye out for an opportunity to do. This isn't a set of rules. It's an attempt to align our shared vision and live up to our responsibilities as citizens of Black Rock City.

Okay, it looks like a set of rules, but it is really more of an expression of what we are already doing and some things which Burning Man expects us to do.

Things we all must do

  • Minimize packaging before we go to Burning Man
  • Not dump graywater on the playa or in the porta-potties (gray water = shower water, dish water)
  • Not spit toothpaste on the playa
  • Use porta-potties exactly and only for body waste.
  • Not burn anything on the playa. Use a burn platform for burnable debris (paper, wood), or a Burning Man approved firepit.
  • Not dig holes in the playa except as required to secure a structure (e.g. for rebar).
  • Not bring any of the following:
    • pistachios or any other nuts in shells
    • feather boas or other clothing with bits that can come off in the wind
    • loose glitter or glitter glued to artwork unless it is sealed with a clearcoat (e.g. clear krylon spraypaint).
    • confetti or anything like it! Bad! No!!
  • Collect all our trash and take it away from Burning Man
  • Clean up our personal camp space, including all debris, rebar stakes in the ground, etc.

Opportunities to even the score
The truth is that despite our best efforts some of our debris will blow away, or some gift we give someone will end up releasing some debris (e.g. a food wrapper). So we need to actively look for opportunities to "even the score" before we can achieve anything close to zero impact.

  • Pick up MOOP (matter-out-of-place) wherever you see it
  • Find a gentle way to raise the awareness of someone else who litters. Maybe just smile and say "Here, let me pick that up for you."
  • Bring a trashbag sometimes when you go adventuring.
Camp Responsibilities
A group of us will remain until Monday, Sept 3. Those that do will comprise the final camp cleanup team. The cleanup team has the responsibility to complete the cleanup of our camp. At that point it should not be a huge amount of work because every one of us will have cleaned up our own area. We are each of us the cleanup team for our own campsite.

The cleanup team will:

  • Make a shoulder-to-shoulder sweep of the entire camp and our annex camp if we have one. We will pick up anything that isn't playa or a black rock.
  • Rake and scrape the surface of our camp to help remove dust covered debris and even out any unnatural piles and fill small holes.

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