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This page is really just for our camp members so we can all keep up with breaking camp news.

August 8
The Camp Roller Disco fundraising party is on Saturday, August 10 starting at 9pm. All of the details are here. The last skate party was unbelievably fun! Don't miss this one!

August 3
Camp Roller disco and our Annex Camp have been placed in Center Camp! We're at 80 (about the 3:00 position if center camp was a clock and you were looking down on it from above). We are probably adjacent to a road, but because of the location the Desert Nose will face away from the road.

July 29
Burning Man approves early access privileges for Camp Roller Disco! It's official. Camp Roller Disco members may arrive early to help set up the Desert Nose.

July 11
The July 11'th Jackrabbit Speaks included some important Q&A:
Q: When can I arrive at Burning Man? Can I come early?

A: Our gates open on Monday, August 26th. Theme camps placed in Center Camp or the Esplanade and registered artists will be allowed to arrive on the Saturday before our gates open (August 24th.) All other early arrivals are *not* allowed - because we're not ready for you!

A quick look at our camp calendar shows why this would not be good for us. I've sent an email and will follow up to find out if there can be an exception made for the Desert Nose team so we can begin construction earlier than the 24th -- hoco.

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