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Camp Checklist

This is an important checklist for all camp members. Our camp doesn't provide these things so you need to make your own arrangements. This isn't a complete list -- be sure to bring whatever you'll need.

My Ticket!
My Food and Water and utensiles, etc.
My Tent
A way to take my garbage back
A solar shower bag for my own (group's) use in the camp shower stall
My Coolneon Costume or Theme Thingie (optional, of course)
My Skates! (the camp has loaners, but bring yours if you can)
Polyester/70's Clothes for the Roller Disco
Rechargeable batteries and a Battery charger if you have them (we have 120v power for the rechargers)
Some kind of fish/seathingie for the dome.

While at Burning Man:

I'll save my used water containers for graywater (shower, cleaning, etc.)
I'll ask anyone I don't recognize that is in the private area of our camp if they need some help.
I'll be having a great time but won't forget to take my shifts and help out around the camp.
I'll help clean up.

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