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Some of the photos on this page were taken by myself and some were taken by Yvonne Underhill, who also appears in several of the photos. No per-photo credits are given. The photos were not taken in the order that they appear in this page, and kind of jump-around in terms of elapsed time at Burning Man.

Click on any photo to see a larger version with more detail. :-)

Here are a collection of photos from different positions around the nose. If the nose was at the center of a clock, the camera would have been at various hourly positions. Facing the nostrils from in front meant that the camera was at the noon position. Center camp was in the 3:00 position, the truck was at the 6:00 position, and Sound Camp, which was across Ring Road, was at the 9:00 position.

From the 1:00 position

From the 3:00 position

From the 4:00 position

From the 6:00 position

From the 7:00 position

From the 9:00 position

From the 10:00 position

From the 10:00 position

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