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Some of the photos on this page and the three gallery pages linked to this page were taken by myself and some were taken by Yvonne Underhill, who also appears in several of the photos. No per-photo credits are given.

Click on any photo to see a larger version with more detail. :-)

Everything was ready the day before several friends came over to help me pack. Here I am having a quiet chat with the Penguins.

Left to right are Tim Quinn, Brian Sarrazin and Matthew Quirk. I'm inside the back end playing the biggest game of tetris I ever saw...

I don't know exactly when, but at some point it became clear to me that everything would not fit. My here-and-now Burning Man experience had begun.

Yvonne and I drove up in the truck and camped behind it for shelter from the wind. We'd arrive at about 3:30am because we'd neglected to bring directions to Burning Man and there were no signs out yet to mark the way.

Waking up on the Playa Tuesday morning revealed a vast, mostly empty landscape.

"How about if we build a nose here Yvonne?"

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