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All of the photos on this page were taken by James Addison.

Click on any photo to see a larger version with more detail.

Some of the images below were taken at the Big Nose Party on July 7'th, 2001, and the rest were taken beforehand.

These seven noses were actually given away as "Nosey" awards to some of the folks who helped build the Desert Nose. James layed them out on my stove (which has a black glass top) and violla! Art!

Here's a view from inside looking out the nostrils. The septum is in the middle.

Michael Marx gave me these two inflatable chairs with nifty retro lighting inside. They were hypnotic!

This really is what my house looks like, with green light in the foreground, red in the middle and blue behind.

Here's a view of the septum and the back side of the deck above it. You can see the nose speakers in the foreground.


Here's me pointing toward the Playafish which is resting in the rear seat. That's an inflatable dragonfly in my hand. You can see many of the seats sewn by Erin Watson, Rebecca Cravottableu and Marilyn Bonita.

Here's a pile of foam triangles which have been carefully cut to fit over each panel of the nose. I had a lot of help cutting these from Marilyn Bonita, Amy Rasmussen, Bridget Hardy among others.

Here's Benny James (who owns and operates preparing to spin fire! Notice how the daylight changes over the next few images...

Just what is going through Benny's mind right about now?

It begins! Not shown: Frank Bonita manning the hose...

Go, Benny, Go!

Yea, that's my arm connected to this spinning, flaming stick...

Paul Shissle lights some flaming poi.

Here Paul is spinning a coolneon poi by its cord.

Here Paul is spinning two coolneon poi, in phase with each other so the cords don't interfere with each other.

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