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All of the photos on this page were taken by Tim Quinn.

Click on any photo to see a larger version with more detail.

I threw a Big Nose Party on July 7'th and the images below were taken throughout the day.

Here's a view into the "back" of the nose, farthest from the nostrils.

Here's some folks lounging in the nose's comfy seating.

Here's a view looking out the nostrils from the inside.

Looking down from the back of the deck while Bridget Hardy looks up.

Looking down through 3na's tendrils at Tony Sanchez and some fellow nose partiers.

A view up into the nose deck where Barb Fitterrer, Kelly McCown and I are "hanging".

Here's a view into the septum. From top to bottom:

  • Three nose photos composed by James Addison.
  • The red box contains the nose sound system.
  • The 100 Amp-hour deep cycle battery on the battery stand.
  • The battery charger under the battery.
To the left of the septum you can see the water reservoir/pump unit for the misting system.

A lone Playa Fish and a friendly alien joined the nose party after dark and 3na came out and danced.

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