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This page contains links to images which show the nose from various orientations. Some of the images are a "slice" of the nose, so only some struts and vertexes are visible in these. Some of the images have labels which identify the struts or vertexes. The color of the label matches the color of the strut or vertex to which it points. The labels are connected to the strut or vertex with a white line.

The color assigned to each strut is based on the depth from the main axis. In general, red struts are closest and blue ones are farthest away. For front views, the red struts are near the nostrils and the blue ones are near the back of the nose (the bridge). For side views, the red struts are farthest from the center line of the nose, and the blue struts are on the center line or near it. For top views the red struts are at the top of the model (the tip of the nose) and the blue struts are along the base, where the nose will meet the playa.

There is also a file containing the list of neighbor vertexes for each vertex. In a pinch, this information could be used to guide construction of the nose.

These images were generated using the Nose Calculator, which is actually a very flexible tool which will work with your data files to present similar drawings and calculations for your own conduit project.

Total views:

Slices which show vertex labels:

Slices which show strut labels:

These are detail images of the "deck":

These are detail images of the "strong column between the nostrils":

These are detail images of the "booger joint". The booger joint is where 15 struts come together... :

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