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This is the control box. There are three toggle switches along the top. They turn on/off the three color guns (Red, Green & Blue). Right under them are three variable resistors that allow each color gun to be faded in and out. There is a white label under each fader knob to identify the color. On the left is a toggle switch which turns off all the color guns.

The next row of controls are for the eyes. The switch on the left turns them on or off. To its right is the speed knob. The black button to the right is the selection button, and the red button next to it is only used for programming the Cat-09 sequencer available from

The next row of controls control individual coolneon segments. The first switch on the left turns them all on or off. The next switch turns on or off the aqua horizontal body stripes. The next button turns on or off the salmon colored outer tentacles. The next button turns on or off the central body tentacles.

Under those buttons is a rotary switch which connects the voltage meter to the right to the 6 volt or 12 volt circuit to give me an idea of how much power is left in each battery.

Above the voltage meter are two pushbuttons, one above the other. The top one is a momentary switch which turns the fish and stinger tentacle on or off. The lower switch also controls the fish and stinger tentacle, but it stays on or off when pushed.

Along the bottom of the photo are four blue cubes, which turn the 12V DC input into the high-frequency, alternatiing current which makes coolneon glow.

Along the top and left side of the controls are some short strips of coolneon which indicate which segments are lit. I need this when I mount 3na on the back of my bike because these controls fit on the handlebars of my bike.

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