Howard's Skate Page


 Howard's Skate Page

Skating is the first sport I really fell in love with. Over the years I've gove from cheap hockey skates to expensive speedskates. I even tried racing once or twice. I actually skated from San Francisco to Santa Cruz in 1996, after failing to make it there in 1995.

I also participated in some very long distance team skates. I skated from SF to LA as part of Team Victoria's Secret. Well, actually, Victoria Armigo was the Victoria. Also on our "team" was Paul Pillitteri and another fellow.

I was a support person for the Skate Against Domestic Violence, which I later wrote an essay about. It was one of the most amazing adventures I've ever been on, and I made some incredible friends on the way.

I really got into the slolam and the summer of 1998 I spent a lot of time on the slolam course in Golden Gate Park.

Then I started playing Rollersoccer and I rediscovered skating again. I used to play soccer in high school but was never very good. I used to skate the the Lake Merced loop and then play rollersoccer, but I was so tired by then that playing goalie was about all I could handle. I found that I was a decent goalie and began taking it more seriously.

Now I play rollersoccer whenever I can, which is most Wednesdays. I am learning more about playing out in the field instead of just playing goalie. I finally figured out that my speedskates probably aren't the best skates for the job...

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