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This page is offerred by Timefold(tm) as a free service to help companies like yours using or contemplating the adoption of ClearCase to find service providers.

Timefold is pleased to announce the opening of:

Timefold On-line Education Services

Our first online course is Learn ClearCase and it covers everything an engineer needs to know to be able to create views, work on branches, merge, and much more. Now you can learn ClearCase anywhere you have an internet browser!

These courses were created by Howard Cohen based on his popular ClearCase Training Seminars, which have been used by many major world-wide corporations and smaller companies alike.

There are no other On-line ClearCase training courses that can compare.


Timefold(tm) and Howard Cohen make no claims about the qualifications or skills of anyone or any organization which may arrange to have their information made available through this service.

How to get added to this page

If you are a service provider (contractor, consultant, agency, company, etc.) and you would like your information made availble through this service, click here to find out how to submit your request.

Service Providers, Western U.S.

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